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I am an experienced psycho-sexual therapist with over two years of experience under my belt. I studied psycho-sexual therapy at open college in UK where I was privileged enough to mingle with professionals drawn from medicine, nursing and counseling fields who helped me sharpen my skills in this specialized therapeutic technique. Through my interaction with the teachers and other professionals in school, I realized that psycho-sexual therapy is all about assisting people who were suffering from complications that are of a psychological and sexual nature. Such problems may prevent couples from being intimate with each other such as causing them to lose libido (Wylie, 144). I managed to attain a distinction in my psychotherapy diploma course.

With the completion of my studies, I commenced my practice, and I have accumulated over two years’ experience. Over the period I have managed to improve my communication skills and my experience significantly which has helped me acquire a functional specialist knowledge that has facilitated me to offer forecast intervention programs to my patients. Additionally, my practice has helped me improve on effectiveness and efficiency in terms of service provision against the key performance indicators (KPIs). Lastly, I have had an
opportunity of learning how to manage clinical risk which is an essential component of the practice. Away From professional life, I am blessed to have been in a marriage for 17 years with the same person whom together we have been in a relationship for 23 years. I am also an ardent Christian as such I am a church going person who believes in God. I think that a combination of my studies, experience and beliefs make me a competent person to help my clients prosper.

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